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Smart Facial Recognition Solution with Temperature Measurement.

Reliability Plus A:01


Smart Facial Recognition System

Pro-Face is a smart facial recognition solution supported by temperature measurement. In modern world, challenged by COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, Pro-Face is a solution to cope up with the requirements of smart access control systems and pandemic challenges side by side.

Easy to install, use and interpret.

Pro-Face can truly upgrade any working environment through its following operational capabilities.

One of the key feature of Pro-Face is multi-face detection capability through facial features identification with accuracy of 99.5%.

Supported by distance temperature detection feature, Pro-Face is capable of identifying high temperature personnel through a distance of 3 feet from sensor. Any abnormal temperature as per COVID-19 guidelines will result in access denial with any identification beep.

Pro-Face Models Comparison

Features Pro-Face Alpha Pro-Face Beta Pro-Face Premium
Base Unit
Temperature Sensing(30°C-150°C)
Temperature Display(OLED Display)
Face Recognition
Built-In Camera(8 MP Camera)
Detachable Camera(8 MP Camera)
Monitoring Display Tab (6 GB RAM / 128 GB ROM / I7 6th Gen)
PC Based Version / OS Window
Universal Data Access(Online)
Employee Record
Pro-Face Software
Interactive Dashboard
Email Notifications System
Working Hours Calculation
Payroll Management
Price (Exclusive of Taxes) PKR 65,000.00 PKR 95,000.00 PKR 135,000.00

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