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PRECISION SHAFT ALIGNMENT WITH LASER SYSTEM This course focuses on specific procedures for using todays laser alignment systems and the fundamental concepts and skills required to perform precision alignment. The unique approach provides not only an understanding of the specific procedures to follow for the laser system being used, but also the foundation to understand why and how the system works the way it does. The course objective is to teach students how to align two coupled rotating machinery shafts to specified tolerances using a laser alignment system, including proper planning, rough and precision alignment processes per approved procedures. To provide the participant with an understanding of the need for aligned machines in order to guarantee high operational reliability. To provide the participant with an understanding of different alignment methods. To provide the participant with an understanding of applying different alignment tolerances for center offset and angular error. Practical use of measuring instrument to align horizontally and vertically mounted machines. To be confident in the handling of the measurement instrument in daily work after completing the course.

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Maintenance, engineering, technical support and management personnel whose job functions involve alignment of rotating machinery. Appropriate for those who align machines and those who detect, investigate and resolve premature machinery failure due to misalignment. Those who direct activities relative to alignment and machine reliability.


This customized course is designed in line with modern day updates and research. IRCM has its own simulator and laser alignment kits in lab along with a healthy data from International experts which helped in creating a specialized course content which covers almost all of the content 


  • Importance of machinery shaft alignment to improve asset reliability and reduce safety risks
  • Preparing for the Alignment Task
  • Machine, Foundation, and Base Preparation.
  • Required tools for the task
  • Shims and shimming best practices
  • Shaft Alignment: Principles, Practices and Methodology
  • Understanding and visualizing alignment geometry.
  • Understanding alignment tolerances and tolerance formats.
  • Requirements for repeatability.
  • Machinery Alignment Problems
  • Gross Misalignment: coupling strain & shaft deflection
  • Becoming bolt-bound and base-bound.
  • Soft Foot
  • Measuring Soft Foot: Principles and Objectives.
  • Diagnosing and Correcting the Soft Foot problem.
  • Measuring the effects of pipe strain on shaft alignment.
  • Target Specifications and Thermal Growth
  • Alignment Applications
  • Setting up on spool pieces, spacers and jack shafts.
  • Aligning multiple machines in a train
  • Documentation and reporting

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