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The prime objective of this course Safety Inspector is to develop and enhance the skill level of the incumbent in this trade of construction industry. Semiskilled worker produces by this training would help to reduce unemployment and poverty in the society. This curriculum is designed to train the intermediate / graduation pass persons who are facing a lot of shortage of Safety inspectors in the field of construction industry. This training program will provide opportunity to those who want to equip themselves with such knowledge and skills which will be helpful for their employment after completing this training of 03 months and would enable the m to start their own business with professional approach. Further, this curriculum is developed by considering the requirements of lock and international market and need of the trade enabling the pass outs to meet the job market to reduce the shortage of Semi-Skilled workers in the area.

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All industrial Professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise with safe practices and students with minimum qualification of Intermediate are welcome to join this program to start their career in a rewarding domain. Entry Level: Intermediate / Gradate Total duration of Course: 3 Month (12 Weeks)



  1. Give reminders before start critical job.
  2. Conduct fire drill.
  3. Conduct safety audit.
  4. Conduct Tool Box Talk.
  5. Supervision of safe work practice.
  6. Conduct inspection and color coding.
  7. Prepare rigging studies.
  8. Prepare scaffolding registered.
  9. Describe safety signs.
  10. Describe and demonstrate PPEs
  11. Describe and demonstrate breathing Apparatus.
  12. Conduct housekeeping.
  13. Conduct basic firefighting.
  14. Prepare job risk assessment report.
  15. Conduct strict discipline on construction site.
  16. Reporting and investigation of accident at construction site.
  17. Conduct HSE emergency response.
  18. Prepare hazards assessment.
  19. Describe crane hazards.
  20. Describe different types of fire extinguisher and uses.
Main Topics
Management of Health and Safety
Principle of control
Scaffolding hazards and control
Project Construction site hazards and control
Rigging hazards and control
Crane hazards and control
Chemical and biological health hazard
Welding hazard and control
Fire prevention and firefighting hazards
I.T Fundamentals
Functional English

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Safety Officer 01-31 0.00$ 0.00$

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