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Design & Analysis

Training Fee : 221$

Certification Fee : 221$

  • 4.50

The objective of this intensive course is to examine how to employ the ASME B31.3 Code requirements to prevent piping system failures. Identifying what issues to take into consideration when designing process piping. This course will also help to piping engineers and designers who need an understanding of the requirements for compliance and the trends of Code changes for piping design and analysis, fabrication, examination and testing.

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Design Engineers and tenured professaianls who want to work in process design.


Introduction / Course Overview

• Piping Design & Stress Analysis Methodology    

• ASME B 31 / other applicable industrial standards for Piping Design & Analysis

• Use of Industry software e.g CAESAR for Piping Stress Analysis

• Design consideration for piping layout & support structure finalization

• Use of Industry Software e.g CADWorx/SP3D used for 3D plant layout finalization

• Fitting, seals, gaskets, valves, and flange section & design along with applicable industry standards

• Deliverable design documentation as per industry standard practice


 • Piping systems in oil and gas facilities

• Process piping code ASME B31.3 (Detail Discussion) other commonly used piping codes

• Commonly used piping and valve standards

• Piping and fitting material selection and manufacturing

• Manual valve introduction and selection

• Control valves actuators

• Piping joining methods and inspections

• Pipeline sizing and design basics

• Piping systems layout and design

• Piping stress analysis and special applications

• Interface with pipelines and operators(optional)

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Process Piping Design - 220.62$ 220.62$

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