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Condition Monitoring

Training Fee : 479$

Certification Fee : 0$

  • 4.50

Reciprocating engines and compressors are some of the most critical assets in a plant. These types of machines can provide higher compression ratios than similar axial or centrifugal compressors. A portable vibration analyzer, which is routinely used on rotating equipment, is not well suited for reciprocating machines therefore overall machine health is frequently ignored and not diagnosed correctly until damage occurs. Then, it may be too late to save the machine from failure. This course covers specialization and advance techniques for recip. equipment through the specially designed tools of Windrock. Participants will learn the different aspects of crosshead vibration, cylinder vibration, crank angle and valve analysis. The participants would be able to analyze and understand the behavior and problems of recip. equipment through condition monitoring program.

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Since condition monitoring of Rotary equipment through Vibration analysis is quite different than that of Reciprocating equipment, this program is recommended for all those professionals who are either willing to change their career path or want to go in leadership roles and get skills on both ends.


A Competency Certificate is provided to state the students competence in shaft alignment with Laser instrument after the course. An Attendance Certificate is provided for students that attend for 2 days, but the Competency Certificate is provided after the third day of practical and theoretical exam.

  • Introduction to Reciprocating Machinery Analysis
  • Components and Operations of Recip. Equipment
  • Engine Specification Analysis & Operating Parameters
  • Analyzer Hardware Familiarization
  • Sensor Identification & Specifications
  • Analyzer Setup
  • Data Collection Safety
  • Database Maintenance
  • Hardware Configuration Editing
  • Advance Reporting Techniques

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Reciprocating Equipment Analysis - 478.93$ 0.00$

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