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Training Fee : 96$

Certification Fee : 0$

  • 4.50

The prime objective of this course of X-Ray Pipe Welder is to develop and enhance the skill level of the incumbent in this trade of construction industry. Semi-skilled and skilled worker produced by this training would help to reduce unemployment and poverty in the society. This curriculum is designed to train the Middle / Matric pass persons who are facing a lot of shortage of X-Ray Pipe Welders in the field of construction industry. This training programmed will provide opportunity to those who want to equip themselves with such knowledge and skills which will be helpful for their employment after completing this training of 03 months and would enable them to start their own business with professional approach. Further, this Curriculum is developed by considering the requirements of local and international market and need of the trade enabling the pass outs to meet the job market to reduce the shortage of Semi-Skilled and Skilled workers in the area.

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This course is suitable for all those technicians, artisans assistance and young persons who are seeking to develop their careers through hands on skills and can work in a good rewarding jobs and start their own work.


After completion of the course the trainee must be able to: -

  1. Observe all safety precautions about tools and equipment.
  2. Common working hand tools (measuring, grinding, cutting tools, welding tools), their use and maintenance.
  3. Preparation of working piece.
  4. Grinding on working piece.
  5. Use pencil grinders and cutting discs for the preparation of pipe piece.
  6. Measure, cut and place / stack MS Pipe to the given size.
  7. Making bevel of the pipe to make it ready for welding.
  8. Tacking the two welding pieces for joint.
  9. Arc welding of common welding joints in all positions.
  10. Perform the GTAW welding of common welding joints in all positions on pipes.
  11. Execute the GMAW (Mig/Mag) welding of common welding joints in all positions.
  12. Inspect and test welding joints.
  13. Distinguish different metals & electrodes.
  14. Understand electricity & control of welding machines.
  15. Able to make bevel & cuts by grinders.
  16. Able to prepare his job according to WPS.
Main Topics
X-Ray Pipe Welder SafetyGas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
Introduction to WeldingGas & Electrical Cutting
Types of WeldingWelding Defects
Welding Equipment and ToolsDestructive & Non-Destructive Testing
Methods of WeldingWelding Inspection
Material & Related ElectrodesGrinding
Classification of ElectrodesBeveling & Tacking
Submerge Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)Pipe Welding Positions
 W P S

Prices For
Training Type Duration Training Fee Certification Fee
Welder (GTAW/SMAW) 01-31 95.79$ 0.00$

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