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Machines that have been precision balanced run longer, and cost less to run. Unbalance causes fatigue and reduces the life of bearings and can make looseness and resonance conditions far worse. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills so that you can use a vibration analyzer / balancer, or a simple sheet of graph paper and protractor, and balance a machine - without even having to remove it from the plant. You will learn how to recognize unbalance and set up the balance job for a successful balance. We will start with the basics, providing an introduction to vibration, phase and vectors, and fully explain the balancing process. You will learn how to balance a machine using the single-plane and two-plane balance function of your analyzer, after you first learn how to perform a single plane balance with vectors. You will watch a demonstration of the balance process, and you will be able to try it for yourself.

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If you have to balance machines, then you need this course. If you own a modern analyzer / balancer you have two choices: you can just take the readings and do what the analyzer tells you to do, or you can understand what you are doing and be prepared when things go wrong and they will. We will ensure you understand the entire process, and give you the skills to return to the plant and perform precision balancing. Note: Although we will not have time to explain the operation of every model of vibration analyzer, we will provide you with the knowledge so that you will be successful with whatever model you own.


A Competency Certificate is provided to state the student competence in shaft alignment with Laser instrument after the course. An Attendance Certificate is provided for students that attend for 2 days, but the Competency Certificate is provided after the third day of practical and theoretical exam

What is unbalance

The balancing check-list:

Practical issues

Quick review of amplitude and phase readings

Collecting vibration and phase readings

Understanding vectors

Single plane balancing

Estimating the size for the trial weight

Adding weights

Two-plane balancing

The static-couple method

Balancing overhung machines

A quick review of balancing flexible rotors

Balancing standards

Why balancing may not be successful

The forerun method balancing without phase

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