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Non-Destructive Testing

Training Fee : 452$

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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is an advanced nondestructive examination technique that utilizes a set of ultrasonic testing (UT) probes made up of numerous small elements, each of which is pulsed individually with computer-calculated timing. This advance form of UT is somewhere taken as a substitute of RT though none of the NDT method are competitor of each other since all of them have their own applications. With PAUT the NDT inspector is better able to see the fault in detail and can locate the exact fault location. PAUT certified professional are high in demand globally and are highly paid amongst other NDT professionals.

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If you are holding level-2 of Conventional UT with the prescribed experience as per the standards of ASNT, then this course is a definitely in your to-do priorities since it will open doors of success to you.


This course is covering intensive theoretical and practical training. The course is divided into three parts General, Specific and Practical. The Body of knowledge is driven by SNT-TC-1A of ASNT.

  1. Principles of phased array (Theory & Applications
  2. Principles of PA probes
  3. System Configuration
  4. Software for data collection
  5. Selections of Parameters for PAUT on welds
  6. Software familiarity
  1. Scanning with phased array
  2. Procedures for verification of flaw existence and position
  3. Use of software tools
  4. Calibration and checks
  5. Use of Equipment and data
  6. Data analysis

Practical Training          

Complete calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment for various types of transducers, Discontinuity Detection, Locating the flaw and Size Estimation Techniques, Interpretation, Evaluation of Indications using DGS/DAC. Evaluation Methods and Echo Dynamics, Beam Profile and Plotting.

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Phased Array UT (Level II) - 452.32$ 0.00$

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