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Condition Monitoring

Training Fee : 450$

Certification Fee : 346$

  • 4.50

Vibration analysis is a condition monitoring technique and is used to detect the early precursors to machine failure, allowing machinery to be repaired or replaced before occurrence of an expensive failure. All vibrating bodies emit some unique vibration patrons when they are under some specific problems; these patrons are captured through sensors and then undergo comprehensive analysis. Vibration analysis may be undertaken as a stand-alone process, or may be part of a machine section audit or comprehensive machine analysis. Regardless of the scope of the study, a similar process will be followed. The objective is established, a work plan is created, data is gathered using specific tools and sensors, and detailed analyses are carried out. This course is a prodigious starting point for learning the basics of vibration analysis and learning how to collect good quality data. In addition to including a good introduction to the analysis of vibration spectrum, it exceeds the performance requirements of Category I as defined in standard ISO 18436-2. This course can lead to certification after passing certification exam. The training program focuses on data collection and analysis for condition monitoring programs.

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All fresh graduates or those who are new to Condition Monitoring & Vibration Analysis and want to take a start in this career path.


This course exceeds the requirements of ISO 18436-2 for CAT-1 for Vibration Analysis. At IRCM additional measures are taken to show the participants the actual working in its lab. Following are the core course contents:

Maintenance Practices

Condition monitoring

  • Thermography
  • Oil analysis
  • Motor testing

Vibration analysis

Principles of vibration

A quick introduction to the vibration waveform

An introduction to the time waveform

A brief introduction to phase

Data acquisition

Understanding axial, radial, vertical, and horizontal readings

A quick introduction to mounting the accelerometer and surface preparation.

Signal processing

A quick tour of your analyzer

Setting alarm limits

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Vibration Analysis (CAT I) - 449.75$ 345.89$

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