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Non-Destructive Testing

Training Fee : 186$

Certification Fee : 0$

  • 4.50


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NDT Training programs are suitable for all young professionals seeking to start or grow in inspection career. This is one of the very promising and rewarding career paths with great number of job opportunities in Pakistan and abroad. For Engineering graduates with experience (ASNT standards applicable) Level-1 can be bypassed to directly avail Level-2 certification.


This course is covering intensive theoretical and practical training. The course is divided into three parts General, Specific and Practical. The Body of knowledge is driven by SNT-TC-1A of ASNT.

Theoretical Training


  • Review of Level I Course
  • In-depth study of test Variables,
  • Immersion Techniques,
  • Principles of DGS / DAC Methods,
  • Echo dynamics for Reflector Evaluation,
  • Codes, standards and Procedures
  • Acceptance Standards,
  • Evaluation of Test Equipment,
  • Manufacturing Process and Discontinuities
  • Basic principles of ultrasonic, nature of sound.
  • The flaw detector and testing equipment.
  • Calibration flaw location and sizing methods.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Welding Technology - processes and defects
  • Basic principles of ultrasonic
  • Nature of sound
  • Flaw detector
  • Setting the controls
  • Behavior of ultrasonic waves
  • Transmission
  • Reflection
  • Resonance
  • Calibration and reference blocks
  • Plotting beam profiles
  • Flaw location
  • Practical exercises e.g. plates, butt welds, techniques and report writing.

Practical Training          

Complete calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment for various types of transducers, Discontinuity Detection, Locating the flaw and Size Estimation Techniques, Interpretation, Evaluation of Indications using DGS/DAC. Evaluation Methods and Echo Dynamics, Beam Profile and Plotting.

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Training Type Duration Training Fee Certification Fee
Ultrasonic Testing (Level II) - 186.25$ 0.00$

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