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Condition Monitoring

Training Fee : 905$

Certification Fee : 93$

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The Emerging domain for Elite Condition Monitoring Experts. Machine Lubricant Analyst - I (MLA-I) provide the foundational skill set for applying best lubrication practices and product knowledge. Through MLA, students can move away from the old school methods of vague, non-specific lubrication procedures and implement an excellent lubrication program in any industrial workplace. MLA students gain much more than pointers on lubricating a machine. They learn proven industry methods for selecting, storing, filtering and testing lubricants to boost reliability and generate lasting results in machine efficiency or maintenance. They also gain better understanding of oil analysis, so they can align their efforts with those of maintenance professionals or oil analysis experts. Earning an ICML certification acknowledges your expertise in machinery lubrication and or oil analysis to troubleshoot and ensure reliability of lubricated equipment. The lubrication and oil analysis community, your employer, clients and peers will recognize your ICML credential as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you have gained through experience. ICML certification shows that you are a professional with the ability to successfully utilize machinery lubrication and or oil analysis for your organization or client. As an ICML Certified professional you also receive the following benefits Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency in machinery lubrication and/or oil analysis techniques. Logos and certificate to enable you to identify your ICML certified status to colleagues or clients.

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All professionals, Tenured technicians, engineers and supervisors who either want to develop their career in Lubricant Analysis, Condition Monitoring or want to understand the overall Condition Monitoring techniques for a better understanding of machine failures shall attend this course.


This course is designed to help you prepare for the following ICML certification exams, after taking this course candidates will be able to set in ICML Machine Lubricant Analyst - I (MLAI)

Maintenance Strategies

Lubrication Theory / Fundamentals

Lubricant Selection 

Lubricant Application 

Lube Storage and Management 

Lube Condition Control (10%)

Lubrication Theory / Fundamentals 

Lubricant Application 

Lube Storage and Management 

Lube Condition Control

Lubricant Selection 

Oil Sampling 

Lubricant health monitoring 

Wear Debris Monitoring and Analysis 

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Machinery Lubricant Analysis (Level II) - 904.64$ 93.12$

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